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Numbrs: control spending with free app

With the Numbrs app you always have your finances in view.
Photo: Numbrs

Never spend too much money again!

Oh no! It's just the beginning of the month and the account is already low tide. But where is all the money going? With the new free financial app Numbrs you can finally better control your expenses.

Numbrs lets you easily keep an eye on all your accounts - with just one click on your smartphone . In addition, past and scheduled charges are displayed at a glance.

Also, bank transfers become faster with Numbr's banking app, as other accounts can be easily stored as contacts within the smartphone for quick and easy retrieval.

But the best news for shopaholics: Numbrs assigns all transactions to different areas of life such as living, eating or shopping and so creates forecasts of future expenses. So Numbrs can show you what the balance might look like if you continue to spend so much money on new shoes ...

We think: Pretty clever, this new banking app! Numbrs can be a practical helper in everyday life to keep track of finances. How the app works, see the video below!

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