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DIY tip: Decorate simple cups with floral decor

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It's that easy

Do you want to freshen up your white coffee mugs with a bit of color? Then we have just the right thing for you. Just download our floral decor and follow our DIY guide step by step.

What you need for the mug with floral decor:

  • Flower decor for printing is available here
  • Ceramic foil (by Avery Zweck form My Design Inkjet, price 7, 13 €)
  • Mug (depot, about 3 €)
  • scissors
  • Iron
  • Bowl for water
  • soft cloth

And this is how it is done:
1. It is best to scan the subject, then print the subject on the coated side of the transfer ribbon. It is important that the subject mirror is printed wrong, so that it can be seen laterally on the plates.

2. Cut out the printed motif roughly.

3. Now the transfer foil is connected to the carrier foil. For this purpose, the carrier film is cut to exactly match the printed carrier film.

4. Place the printed side of the transfer ribbon on the coated, glossy side of the carrier foil.

5. Iron with the iron over the foils. Tip: Switch off steam function of the iron and cover the film with baking paper.

6. Press the iron on the slides for about four seconds without moving it.

7. Turn the slides over and press the iron again for four seconds.

8. Allow the slides to cool and cut out the motif exactly.

9. Put the foil in lukewarm water for about a minute. As a result, the motif is released from the film and can be placed on the desired location. The cup should be dry and clean.

10. Wipe off the remaining moisture with a soft cloth, as the motif should dry for at least one hour.

11. Cook the dishes at 175 degrees for about half an hour on a medium rack in the oven. To cool the dishes can remain in the oven.

12. If it is taken out anyway, it should not be placed on cold metal plates, otherwise it could lead to stress cracks.

13. According to the manufacturer, the plate with the motif is dishwasher safe. To be on the safe side, you should rather rinse the plate by hand

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