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The best styling tips for the miniskirt

The miniskirt is an all-rounder in terms of material. In A-line he likes solid fabrics, pleats and draping. Also bright colors set him in scene.
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  1. Dress code mini skirt
  2. Who is the miniskirt?
  3. The basic rule for mini skirt suits:
  4. Dos & Don'ts for mini skirt styling:
  5. Which tops fit the mini skirt?
  6. And which shoes do you wear with the miniskirt?

Dress code mini skirt

The mini skirt has long been a classic: now he comes out in the course of the 60ies revival, especially in A-line big. Our styling tips are also valid for all other short cuts.

Who is the miniskirt?

The mini skirt is for all women with slim or well-proportioned legs . In A-line, the little boy even hides wide hips and so-called "riding pants".

The basic rule for mini skirt suits:

The shorter the mini skirt , the higher the upper part should be. Button up blouses and do without deep v-necklines. Our styling tip : Instead of grabbing round-neck tops or rollis.

Dos & Don'ts for mini skirt styling:

Loosely cut, not too short sweaters (no cropped!) Made of knit, sweat fabric or cotton are a good, because relaxed counterpart to tight skirt. Better not: spaghetti straps tops, tranparent tops, fishnet tights. This catapults the miniskirt into wicked realms and is anything but sexy. He should bring out the legs - only the legs.

Which tops fit the mini skirt?

Pattern knit sweater from & Other Stories, about 75 Euro. Wool turtleneck from H & M, approx. 50 Euro. Sweater with print by C & A, ca. 20 Euro.

Colorful knit contrasts in color and material great to monochrome minis. Thanks to its loose cut, the sweater hides small pockets. The turtleneck sweats the mini-basic rule (see above) in perfection - and thus ensures seriousness in the outfit. Sweatshirts emphasize the slackness of the miniskirt and create an uncomplicated, sporty look.

And which shoes do you wear with the miniskirt?

Thick lace-up from Pull & Bear, about 40 euros. Leather pumps from Valais, approx. 110 Euro. Sneaker with print by Vans, ca. 70 Euro. Leather ankle boots by H & M, about 100 euros.

For a true college look, loafers or men's lace-up shoes are the dream team. Especially nice: In the stockings on color contrasts set. Adults become the mini with pointed pumps, which enhance the feminine touch of the skirt and refine it by their tapered shape. In light shades they visually extend the leg. Colorful sneakers are not only very comfortable, they also emphasize the girlyism of the minis and ensure a thoroughly playful, lovely look. The mini skirt gets a good dose of rock chic by the accompaniment of dark ankle boots. They contrast strongly with the girlish appearance of the skirt.