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Marley & Me

Marley & Me
Photo: Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment

On DVD: 10.07.2009

Jenny (Jennifer Aniston) and John (Owen Wilson) Grogan are both successful journalists. The newly married couple moves to Florida and both find jobs in competing newspapers. As is the case with couples, the question arises at some point: ready for offspring? John does not quite understand that this is supposed to be a child. Fortunately, his colleague Sebastian is there to help and advise. A dog would be a great way to practice .... Labrador puppy Marley moves in and turns the life of his master on the head. The hope that as you get older, the behavior of the dog is better, is coming soon. Marley devastates the house where possible. Children are born, quarrels are fought, the couple alienates. But just before the breakup, Jenny and John Grogan realize that Marley, the glue between them and a symbol of their love, will connect them forever. He awakens in them the ability that is important for a marriage. Tolerance and unconditional love.

Title: Marley & Me

Sales start: 10th of July 2009

Director: David Frankel

Actors : Jennifer Aniston, Owen Wilson, Alan Arkin, Haley Bennett, Eric Dane

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