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Youngest mother of all time: girl is said to have been 5 years old at birth

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She got her period with three

When a child has a baby: Lina Medina is still the youngest documented mother. She was said to have been five when her son Gérardo was born.

Of course, there are young girls who have the first menstruation and the associated changes of the body start very early. But at the age of three, definitely not a little girl expects to get her period.

The Peruvian Lina Vanessa Medina should have been the case. According to her parents, the girl was sexually mature at the age of three. Only a short time later - Lina is just four - a pregnancy is detected in the child.

As Lina's belly slowly begins to buckle, her parents first turn to a shaman. He can not 100 percent determine what is the reason for the growing belly. His conjectures revolve around a tumor or a snake. Finally, the parents bring their daughter to the hospital in Pisco. Here the doctor Gérado Lozada can clearly establish a pregnancy .

As the cause of the physical maturity of Lina Medina, the doctor suspected a malfunction of the pituitary gland. However, to date it can not be said with certainty which circumstances actually led to the unusually wide physical development of the four-year-old girl for her age.

Lina Medina becomes a mother at the age of five

For her own safety, Lina Vanessa Medina remains under observation in the hospital until the birth of her child. On May 14, 1939, she released a small boy by caesarean section - her son Gérardo. Lina is five years and seven months old when she first becomes a mother. There is no evidence that the girl was older at the time of birth.

After the birth Lina, her son and her parents return to their small village Ticrapo. This is where the child mother and her son Gérardo grow up as siblings. The boy learns much later that his sister is in truth his birth mother.

Who is the father of Gérardo remains unclear. First, it is believed that Linas father had abused his daughter. However, the man can not be proven in the end. Not much is known about what happened to the young mother and her family. Lina is said to have married again at 33 and got a second child. Her first child Gérardo died of bone disease in 1979 at the age of 40. Lina Vanessa Medina is meanwhile living in a poor neighborhood of the Peruvian capital Lima. She would be 81 years old now.