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Tampon tax: is the period luxury?

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This is just unreal?!

British women are outraged: in the UK you have to pay taxes on toiletries. The incredible reason? They are luxury products.

Are toiletries really luxury goods ? Our answer: clearly NO! - And just as in the United Kingdom there are a lot of women. The reason of the excitement? The current tax bill proposes five percent tax on luxury items . Tampons, sanitary napkins and other hygiene products belong to the British. Why it is like that? It seems to be an old law.

Now the committed British women want to overturn this and have petitioned, which is not just submitted to the UK tax authority. The women have already collected 150, 000 signatures for the luxury tax on tampons . Laura Coryton, the campaign's source of inspiration, says, "Tampons are there to control the period, not to enjoy it, " says the Brit. So, according to your understanding, a hygiene article is a health tool and not a luxury. And Natasha Preskey, a journalist on "The Independent" adds: "My period has nothing luxurious about it!"

Are tampons really luxury and should they be taxed as well? What do you mean?