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Nation Brand Index 2014: Germany is the best country in the world

First place for the Federal Republic: Germany is voted the best country.
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Why Germany could secure first place

The vote has decided: In 2014, Germany was voted the best country in the world. The reason is here.

Nobody expected that. But it is true. Germany was voted the best country in the world this year.

This is the result of the annual Anholt-GfK Roper Nation Brand Index survey, which was developed among others by the independent political adviser Simon Anholt. In 2014, more than 20, 000 people from 20 different countries took part in the survey, which claims to reflect "global public opinion". The demand from outsiders for a total of 50 countries in the world is in demand.

For the first time in six years, unlike the US, the title has been won. This year, Americans have to settle for second place, while Germany has been voted best country . Like last year, Great Britain is in the lead. France took fourth place, Canada is fifth.

Reasons for the declining popularity of the US could include their loss of points in the category 'Global peace and security'. At the time the survey was conducted, the current situation in Russia or even in Egypt meant that the United States received fewer points from attendees there.

For Germany, however, the survey took place at a more than favorable time. The football team in Brazil had just won the world championship title. This brought the Federal Republic a few extra points in the category for 'athletic achievements'. However, Simon Arnolt explains that Germany also convinced in other areas: "The points that Germany has received in the categories of 'honest and competent government', 'climate investment' and 'social equality' are among the highest in the country reached the categories covered by the Nation Brand Index 2014. "

Russia fell three places on the Nation Brand Index list this year. Having made up a few places in previous years, this year was only enough for 25th place.

The first ten rankings of the Nation Brand Index 2014

1. Germany

2. USA

3. Great Britain

4. France

5. Canada

6. Japan

7. Italy

8. Switzerland

9. Australia

10. Sweden

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