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Sam Worthington almost threw off the acting

Avatar Hero was harshly criticized first

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Almost the millionaire success Avatar had to get along without Sam Worthington. He was warmly recommended by a critic to better hang acting. Good thing Worthington did not stick to such a chitchat. We would have missed him as a blue hero in the most successful movie of all time alongside Zoe Saldana. The experience has impressed bitterly in the actor, even today annoyed him the comment. He has the Proverbs but really proved the opposite. "At that time, this guy came up to me and said. You are awful. Your last movie was terrible, "recalls the Hollywood star. "I said only, thank you my friend. Do you have any good advice for me? And he parried: Yes, give up the acting. "Whether the critic probably thinks differently today? In any case, Sam would like to meet him again and throw him a "I'm glad I did not hear you, " too. We too! Soon we can enjoy another proof of his acting skills. His next movie Clash of the Titans will be released in April. Together with Ralph Fiennes, Liam Neeson and Alexa Davalos he will jump over the canvas in tight leather socks. "It's harder to wear a skirt than you think. He is flying high all the time and many scenes have been ruined because you do not want to see your butt, "Worthington explains. Oh, why not? We think that would be great. The crisp butt of the avatar actor can be seen. Whether this would fall under good acting is another question. But at least we would have fun.

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