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Amy Winehouse invests her money in shoes

Amy Winehouse gave 10, 000 in one afternoon

Amy Winehouse

Pound out for shoes

Amy Winehouse / ©

The problem singer with the drug past is worried about her loved ones as she invests all her fortune in shopping trips. Now her shopping addiction has gone so far that her father, Mitch Winehouse, has to step in and help her get rid of her new habit. Papa Winehouse explains, "Amy has spent a ridiculous amount of money on shoes. She has replaced her drug addiction with a shopping addiction. She bought 20 pairs of designer shoes on an afternoon noon. I brought them all back to Selfridges. She would never wear them, she has two rooms full of unopened shoeboxes and unworn treads. It's crazy, such a waste. "The 58-year-old does not mince words when his antipathy goes to the ex-husband of his daughter, the 27-year-old Blake Fielder-Civil. As rumors circulate over and over again, the couple will marry again, the father of the rocker with the grater voice admits that he makes himself "crazy" with concerns about the situation, but knows that the 26-year-old will not listen to him anyway He tells the Daily Star newspaper, "I hate people comparing Amy and Blake to Romeo and Juliet. They may not have control over their love. But Romeo and Juliet were both dead in the end. Worried about it, I drive myself crazy. But Amy will always do what she considers best for herself. "