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Smartphones harm our children - and WE are to blame

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Parents neglect their children because they prefer to play with their smartphones

We have long suspected: Smartphones harm our children! A new study proves it. But the phones are not to blame, we adults!

Smartphones can be addictive, thanks to a new University of Derby study. The study shows that the more narcissistic a person is, the more likely he is to be addicted to mobile phones. Especially social media apps like Facebook or Instagram and instant messaging apps like WhatsApp are the most used and addictive.

But if we are honest, we did not need a study for it, we have always guessed it and seen it with our own eyes. As our conversation partners even while we talk with them, squint time and again on the phone. As in the restaurant the smartphone has to be on the table.

And what does that have to do with the children?

The children suffer because their parents are addicted to their smartphone. Because the adults do not talk to them anymore!

Parents are typing absently on their mobile phone. If the child is whining, it is not calmed down with words, but brought to rest with a nice video or game on the smartphone ...

The result: children no longer learn to speak properly, their abilities to interact with other children are also behind. How could they do that if nobody showed them right?

An observation that many primary school teachers have addressed to the British politician Tristram Hunt and that he carried out on the Telegraph.

The politician appeals to parents to put their smartphone down more often and to engage more with their children: "Parents who do not talk to their children but read e-mails, check football results, place orders on Amazon or their Twitter account update, make schoolchildren less able to talk, and children who have difficulty communicating at an early age will have problems at school. "

That parents should talk more with their children is not just the wish of a good guy. It can really have dire consequences for our future if the future generations no longer learn to communicate reasonably with each other: "In a communications age, of all things, we are in danger of bringing up a generation that is less able to speak and listen."

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