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From mild to spicy: Which sheep's cheese to what?

The taste of sheep's cheese is unmistakable, its flavor refines every dish. From mild to spicy - with the numerous cheeses everything is there.

In the risotto, on the bread or for gratinating - feta cheese every dish refines.
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  1. Sheep camembert
  2. Sheep's role
  3. Sheep cheese preparation
  4. Sheep soft cheese
  5. Sheep cream cheese
  6. Sheep Gouda

Sheep camembert

Sheep Camembert is mild in taste and covered with a white mold. This sheep's cheese tastes great on bread.

Sheep's role

Sheep cheese roll is au gratin with some honey and thyme a starter classic, delicious with gratinating and a green salad

Sheep cheese preparation

Only for the special flavor of this cow's milk cheese is added a small amount of fresh goat cheese

Sheep soft cheese

Very popular are these small Käsetaler - also called Picandou . Delicious pure, but also ideal in risotto .

Sheep cheese

Nice and creamy, it gives many recipes a delicious spice. Whether pasta, pan or vegetable casserole - this cheese is one of the most popular among the sheep's cheese varieties.

Especially tasty: Flammkuchen with Mediterranean herbs, feta cheese cream and figs.

Sheep Gouda

Sheep Gouda tastes with its feinsäuerlichen aroma not only as a sandwich, but is also ideal for gratinating!