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55 facts about women

Equal rights? In many countries women are far from it.

equal rights

On the night of April 30 to May 1, the Walpurgis Night is celebrated. The "witches" are celebrating on the Blocksberg and people are dancing in May throughout Germany. Even 35 years ago, the women took to the streets - but they did not want to celebrate. They were angry.

Equipped with torches, the faces painted white - in 1977 women everywhere in Germany moved through the streets. Under the slogan " Women are conquering the night back!", They pointed out in demonstrations that every year about 35, 000 women were raped, yet only 700 were convicted. A curfew in the dark as a lot of femininity - an unacceptable condition, the feminists were in agreement. In the same year that EMMA and Courage appeared, they found a common voice. A voice that shouted for change.

Today one can no longer speak of a women's movement in the political sense. Feminists can be found everywhere - in politics, journalism, schools and as housewives. A woman can become everything today. Chancellor, Astronaut, CEO. Sounds as if the emancipation had succeeded - but looking closer, even in Germany can not be spoken of equality. Women have to struggle with the same stereotypes as they did 50 years ago, have to reconcile child AND career and earn significantly less. The situation is even worse in the rest of the world: genital mutilation, violence and oppression are commonplace in many countries.

We have put together 55 startling, frightening and startling facts about women, showing that there is still much to do.