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Rihanna shows her bare bottom

The popo speed cameras of the stars: Rihanna

She can not help it: Rihanna shows herself almost naked again! This time, however, no nipple flashes, rather, it presents itself below without.

Rihanna almost naked
Photo: Instagram
We reveal why she shows her butt on current photos.

Above, we know Rihanna already enough, on the album cover of "Unapologetic" for example. Now the singer has come up with something new: For a change, she shows on Instagram photos from early December 2012 times down without!

The Popo and Busenblitzer of stars like Rihanna shows the gallery.

The photos are backstage shots of a photo shoot for the men's magazine "GQ". Then Rihanna is kneeling in front of a fireplace. She is naked except for a transparent lace bra and a jacket with fur collar. If you look closely, you can even spot a tattoo on your bare butt.

Rihanna's buttocks cause excitement and excitement

Posted on Instagram, the photos but not Rihanna itself, but Melissa Forde, one of her - let's say - bosom girlfriends. Or maybe more butt-girlfriends? Anyway, the Instagram fans are more than taken with the naked Rihanna: "Liked the entry, took a screenshot and fantasize for hours, " is a comment.

Other fans criticize Rihanna more for the cigarette and the glass of wine she holds in her hand: "I think you can have fun, but it should be in line, " someone guesses. Rihanna has once again achieved what she wants with the photos: a publicity scandal, albeit less through nudity, than more through smoking.

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