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Kita strike: Mother allegedly loses her job

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  1. Because she had to take care of her child, this mother reportedly lost her job
  2. Kita strike forces mother to stay home
  3. Intermediate to Kita-strike:

Because she had to take care of her child, this mother reportedly lost her job

The Kita strike continues indefinitely. At the expense of working parents, who increasingly have to take their children to work or even stay at home. Now this story shocks: A single mother from Munich allegedly lost her job because of the strike .

Update of 3 June 2015: Through the union ver.di e information from colleagues of the dismissed mother had reached us that Nadine-Bianca Dihlmann had been offered a hardship place for her child as an initiative. She did not accept this offer. The termination was therefore not a direct consequence of the Kita strike, it was said by ver.di. According to research by the "M√ľnchner Merkur" the person concerned finds these statements "unfair". She had been advised by kindergarten teachers to give the daughter to the emergency care, even several times. At the same time, an Ibis spokeswoman pointed out that the termination was related to the Kita strike. Next you do not want to comment on the staff matter.

Nadine-Bianca Dihlmann does not know what to think. The single mother of a three-year-old daughter from Munich received her notice by mail on Tuesday. Now the 28-year-old wrote a letter to the mayor of the city and told him about her suffering.

For the trained hotel expert, it was extremely difficult to gain a foothold after parental leave. Even though she completed her training in a 4-star hotel and then spent 2 years working in a 5-star hotel in Switzerland. The problem: the working hours ! Because especially night and weekend shifts do not get along well with being a parent.

In January, Nadine-Bianca Dihlmann finally found a job in a renowned hotel chain in Garching. Not only did she get a 39-hour contract, she was also given verbal and acceptable working hours during the week from 7:45 am to 4:15 pm.

It would have been better for the 28-year-old can not come, because so she could bring her little daughter from 7 to 17 o'clock in an urban Kita. "That was such a bright spot. Finally, I could come back for my child without running to office. "

Kita strike forces mother to stay home

But no sooner had she started her new job, came in mid-March, the first Kita warning strike. 2 more warning rally days followed and on May 11 the indefinite forced strike began. "Actually, I understand the educators who want to get their work better rewarded. After all, they are responsible for the most important thing we all have - our children. "

Now Nadine-Bianca Dihlmann once again faced a problem: where to go with my child? Grandma and Grandpa turned out to be substitutes because they still work. Since her 3-year-old daughter is still considered a crib child, she was not allowed in the emergency care. And even a babysitter was out of the question, because the single mother can not afford this.

The only alternative: the mother had to stay home forced. The fancy working days picked up on the weekend, while a friend took care of her daughter.

However, the 28-year-old could not stand this stress for long. When the second week of the strike began on May 18th, her body gave in and she had to go to the doctor with stomach ache and circulatory problems. One day later, her notice was in the mailbox.

"They did not give a reason for that." At the end of April, everything was still fine during the final rehearsal. But shortly thereafter, her boss started fidgeting with her working hours. "They think I'm blue, I'm really sick."

Her letter to the Lord Mayor is a cry for help, because all her understanding has now given way to desperation. The single mother does not know how to continue. "Do you think it's fair that others lose their existence for this strike?"

Nadine-Bianca Dihlmann would like to talk to her employer again and start again at the hotel, but where is she going to accommodate her child in the meantime?

Other parents are now worried that the same thing could happen to them. On Facebook they let their anger in comments free rein. And who can blame them?

Intermediate to Kita-strike:

As there is still no rapprochement between ver.di and the Association of Local Employers (VKA) after almost three weeks, new demonstrations are taking place today in Frankfurt / Main and in Hamburg. In Frankfurt / Main 15, 000 educators and social workers want to take to the streets, in Hamburg about 10, 000.

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