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WhatsApp locks WhatsApp Plus users: what to do?

This message is currently being viewed by many WhatsApp Plus users
Photo: Screenshot WhatsApp lock screen

"Please what?!? I did not do anything!" But, WhatsApp Plus used!

Oh no, cut off from the "lifeline"! Many WhatsApp Plus users can no longer use their messaging service: they have been blocked by WhatsApp!

WhatsApp locks most WhatsApp Plus users. The reason: no guarantee for data security ...

Yes, that's right. WhatsApp - of all things WhatsApp, which belongs to Facebook, and in its terms and conditions secures the (usage) rights to ALL our pictures sent via WhatsApp or Facebook (item 5Bii) - has blocked the users of WhatsApp Plus because their data is not secure could.

The WhatsApp FAQ states:

"WhatsApp Plus is an app that was neither developed by WhatsApp nor authorized by WhatsApp, WhatsApp Plus developers are not affiliated with WhatsApp and we do not support WhatsApp Plus.
Please be aware that WhatsApp Plus contains source code that WhatsApp can not guarantee will be safe and that your private information will potentially be shared with third parties without your knowledge or consent. "

WhatsApp Plus has offered some benefits to its users so far: many themes, images can be sent in full quality (the original WhatsApp reduces photos) and videos can be up to 50 MB in size ... In a paid version of WhatsApp Plus you can even complete its status hide. In the normal WhatsApp users can hide only when they were last online. If you are currently online, you can still see. With WhatsApp Plus you can hide that as well.

Right now this will finally end up here. WhatsApp locks the WhatsApp Plus users.

And what can I do now?

There is only one simple solution: If you really want to use WhatsApp, you should switch to the real, original WhatsApp.

More complicated, but worthwhile: You can also use WhatsApp alternatives. But all friends with whom you want to communicate about this need to change to these alternatives. Introducing the four most popular WhatsApp alternatives ...


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