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Katy Perry showed bare bottom under the nylons

Katy Perry provided insights under her skirt

Katy Perry / ©

It is always dangerous for a celebrity to go out in private clothes in tight clothes. The paparazzi lurk everywhere and harass the female stars so that often no body part is safe from the flashing cameras. Katy Perry knows this quite well and has already been photographed several times in positions that she certainly would not have found in the media. Apparently she did not learn from these mistakes, or she just did not expect such an array of photographers, as she did Club came in London. Shielded by her bodyguards, she was escorted to the car, but her mini pushed up and revealed a clear view of the bottom. Katy Perry wore teasing stockings in a suspender look, but nothing under it. Besides the transparent tights, Katy Perry wore nothing and nothing Po was in full glory. In her case actually not that bad, her behind can really be seen. Ironically, the incident was because the "Part Of Me" interpreter otherwise dressed quite chaste - apart from the playful nylons in the suspender-look