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3 things that make women different with charisma

To focus on one's own strengths is good mood - and gives stunning charm.
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The three talents of great women

There are people who have a radiance like halogen headlights. Enviable! But: Many charisma ingredients can be seen. Therefore, read here: a build-up program in three acts.

Watch out desired! These three Charisma ingredients guarantee an engaging effect ...

Turn a blind eye

Fancy a long weekend, but too busy to enjoy a holiday? Oh no, what's that ?! Only those who reward themselves, radiates joie de vivre . Which is just as nice: meeting others with more forbearance. Great women can forgive after a fight and are not resentful.

Take part

To inquire about the sick mother of a friend or the weekend of the colleague, shows: You are important to me! I'm interested in you! And this kind of warmth is something that others give us high. Anyone who asks questions, but should really be interested in the answers. For hypocritical proximity is devious - anything but conducive to the charisma !

Open the mouth

If something burns on your soul, you should say it. Even if it costs courage. After all, whoever gives vent to his opinion is proud of himself - and one can look at this inner attitude. By the way: To stand up for others and sometimes to take disinterested party, provides for a charisma boost and also brings respect and sympathy.