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Design the hallway: In five steps to the country house style

Photo: Manufacturer
  1. Five steps to the perfect style
  2. This is how the country house atmosphere succeeds
  3. Step 1: Wood in the hut
  4. Step 2: Light bulbs
  5. Step 3: Small wellbeing corners
  6. Step 4: Natural tones
  7. Step 5: Hanger

Five steps to the perfect style

Welcome to the cottage! A white lacquered bench, a coat rack with a wooden slat look and a woven basket - your hallway will soon become a rural area.

This is how the country house atmosphere succeeds

How to give yourself and your guests a warm welcome. The key to a successful rural ambience is the combination of natural materials with white, cream and wood tones. A small bench, accessories such as cushions, baskets or possibly linen curtains bring cosiness and warmth into the foyer. Tip: Find items from the junk also provide a touch of nostalgia: An old chest of drawers or a chest with traces of use are immediately the favorite piece.

Step 1: Wood in the hut

Picture above: Natural materials give the corridor a pleasantly warm look. In addition to the whitewashed wall paneling in wooden leaf design, the floor plays an important role here. Its natural wood look emphasizes the rustic charm. Tip: A laminate floor in the look of age is particularly original
Fruit or wine crates, z. Eg "Trendtime" from Parador

Step 2: Light bulbs

With a warm light the hall radiates a sense of security. The lamp itself should not be too heavy. An umbrella made of wicker works perfectly with the style and conjures atmospheric lighting effects on the wall and ceiling.

"Cable Drop" made of iron wire and paper, height 51 cm, approx. 118 €, Gabler24

Step 3: Small wellbeing corners

If you design a hallway, you create a resting place with a rustic bench, where you can put on and take off your shoes comfortably. It is nice and cozy with a few pillows in the back. Tip: A piece of furniture with a drawer compartment offers additional, concealed storage space.

Wooden bench, 85 x 120 x 43 cm, about 280 €, Otto

Step 4: Natural tones

A hallway in a modern country house style needs a bright, friendly atmosphere. White tones dominate the decor. Natural elements, such as the wooden doors of the cabinet, provide the typical cottage feel.

Cloakroom furniture "Ouessant", wood, 187 x 96 x 40 cm, c. 370 €, Maisons du Monde

Step 5: Hanger

Hearts and birds are the classic motifs for rural flair. As wardrobe hooks they are useful and decorative at the same time.

Häuschen: A lovingly designed model made of wood shows a heart for order. 18 x 10 cm, about 4 €, Clayre & Eef

Birdie: The most beautiful is, of course, when you welcome several birds at once. Metal, 11 x 13 cm, about 9 €, nostalgia in the nursery

Declaration of love: Five hearts beat at this bar only for your jackets and coats. Made of iron, 14 x 45 cm, approx. 33 €, Clayre & Eef

All pictures: manufacturer

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