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How do your DSDS finalists 2012 tick?

The DSDS finalists 2012 in check

Daniele, Jesse and Luca / RTL

The top 3 finalists are now officially confirmed! In the last motto show Fabienne had to leave. Now there are only two more motto shows until we know who "Germany's Superstar 2012" is! We've made up your minds about your finalists Jesse, Luca and Daniele. Jesse Ritch: The RomanticThe sympathetic Jesse, who is now considered a jury favorite, is the total romantic! However, there is bad news for all girls: For the 20-year-old is happily forgiven - and that for 3 years! About his relationship with friend Sara (20), Jesse says, "We have a very happy relationship. She supports me in all areas. That's great. "Luca Hänni: The swarm of girls" You are the predestined Bravo Boy 2012 "was heard by apprentice bricklayer Luca Hänni at the casting of Dieter Bohlen. And Dieter is not wrong. For the 17-year-old Sunnyboy can barely escape from love letters in the DSDS fan mail! How should his dream wife be? "My dream girl should have a great character and just suit me, " he says. Well, among the many female fans is the right one, or Luca? Daniele Negroni: The American Idol ChickThe native Italian is considered the chick in the American villa. Because Daniele is only 16 years young! His biggest dream is - of course - "" to win, but if it does not work, Daniele wants to become a footballer! Daniele is by no means prude for his age, with 14 girls he was already together, as he proudly told