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5 Figure Types: Which one do I belong to? Plus: styling tips

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  1. Which type of figure are you?
  2. Determine type of figure - that's how it works
  3. They are the figure type V - the apple type
  4. They are the type A of the figure - ie the type of pear
  5. They are the figure type X - that is the hourglass type
  6. They are the figure type H - so the banana type
  7. They are the figure type O - thus the Orangentyp

Which type of figure are you?

Why do some women feel better about the new trends than others? This is of course due to the different figures. But with a few tricks you determine your type of figure and then style yourself optimally.

Why is my girlfriend the new dress great when I try on it but it hangs down like a bag? Every figure demands its own styling - logical. As far as everything is no secret. But in order to avoid bad buys and frustration in the future, there is a trick: first determine your own personal figure types. How that works, we reveal here.

In general we distinguish five different types of figures: the V, A, X, H and O types. To which one belongs, betrays a tape measure and the relationship of the own physique to three measuring points.

Determine type of figure - that's how it works

Overall, we have to measure our body in three places. This is best if you get help from a trusted person. First measure your hip circumference. Also, if you want to cheat yourself a little, be honest with yourself. Take the widest part. Then it's about the determination of the waist, so the narrowest body center. Finally, measure the circumference of your shoulders by placing the measuring tape around them. Now write down the measurement results from top to bottom. You will find that you can count on a figure type . It may happen that the result is not clear. Then you lie between two types of figures and observe both styling tips .

They are the figure type V - the apple type

They have broad shoulders in relation to the rest of the body, and probably a big breast. The hips are narrow, the buttocks flat and the legs slim and well formed.

Styling tip: Often women of the V-type are always a little too masculine due to their broad shoulders (keyword: professional swimmer's back). They should just put their other great benefits in the center. This works especially with short dresses, shorts, pencil skirts and crisp jeans. Long chains and scarves pull the optical center down. Avoid tops made of thick fabric. Also shoulder pads wear visually and do not hide. Just as unfavorable: Blazer with double row. Always prefer to share with a button bar.

They are the type A of the figure - ie the type of pear

Characteristic of the bulb type: buttocks and hips are wider in circumference than the shoulders. Pear types usually have beautiful slender legs and calves, narrow shoulders and arms, as well as a flat stomach.

Styling tip: Put the focus on your beautiful upper body. Here you can put decent eyecatcher with colors. Even a V-neck does the A-type well. Avoid wearing colorful trousers and patterned skirts, which adds extra value. Access monochrome, plain parts. The darker, the narrower you look. Above it's allowed to get brighter.

They are the figure type X - that is the hourglass type

Shoulder and hips are approximately the same width from the circumference. The hourglass has beautiful, feminine curves, a shapely bust, strong thighs and a narrow waist. Often it is considered an ideal measure by many.

Styling tips: Women with X-figure can easily wear many styles. However, one can with some mistakes also make his great dream figure visually broken. Avoid wide waist belts, which make your curves disappear quickly. Even too wide clothes combinations are not advantageous.

They are the figure type H - so the banana type

What makes the H-types? Actually quite obvious. For here, shoulders, hips and waist are almost all the same width. We always take the banana type as very sporty. Characteristically, women of this figure type have little waist, slender arms, shoulders and legs, and a small breast. The problem: many women are dissatisfied with this figure because they seem too boyish. Stop it!

Styling tips: Casting curves is the motto of our H-Type. The great thing is that these women can wear almost everything on the upper body. Whether pattern or color - here may be paddled. A push-up or gathers in the chest conjure bust. Make sure that all shirts and co. Are tailored cut, which also gives contour. Tight pants or skirts make the slim line shine, but do not help to create curves. Rather, grab bell-shaped skirts or chinos, which look a little bit fuzzy.

They are the figure type O - thus the Orangentyp

The orang type basically has a plump figure: a round belly, a lot of bust, little waist but also a flat butt and slim legs characterize the figure.

Styling tips: On the latter, we put our focus on styling technology. Straight trousers are best for this type of figure. Avoid large patterns or wild color mixes that wear and are only allowed in decent shape on the décolleté. Stay away from miniskirts. Better: pencil skirts or those with slit. Look in the shops also for tops or dresses with wrap look. They hide your "problem areas" and cheat a nice waist.

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