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DietWith the winter food for slimming

Losing weight in winter - that sounds like a contradiction? Not with our winter food. With the right combination of protein and carbohydrates, we can easily get rid of a few pounds.

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  1. Every day a pound away!
  2. Know how - the mix makes it!
  3. Neutral foods always fit
  4. Food combining table

Every day a pound away!

"One kilo more or less - that does not matter now." Do you know this saying? Do you even say it yourself now and then, inwardly already slightly resigned? That would not leave you alone. Especially in winter, when all the treats and delicious, traditional food tempt you to sin, you quickly throw your discipline over the pile, push the weight loss far away and get to the Christmas table properly - come what may.

We decided this year to rethink: We do not want to increase unchecked, but keep our weight - or even lose weight. Up to half a kilo daily in Advent are in it.

Know how - the mix does it!

Are you part of the party? Fine! In order not to lose weight or even a few grams, we have developed a new food combining . It is based on a simple principle: carbohydrate-rich and protein-rich foods must not end up together on your plate. However, both groups of foods may be combined to your heart's content with "neutral" foods.

The reason for the separation in this food combining is simple: carbohydrates and proteins are processed by our organism in different ways. If they are strictly separated, the metabolism is not burdened and can work optimally - this is the ideal condition for losing weight in winter.

Something that sounds a bit dry in theory is very easy to implement in practice: In our food combining table you will find the most important foods, sorted according to the three different groups.

Neutral foods always fit

Thus, for example, red cabbage and roast beef can be enjoyed at Christmas without any problems - only the potatoes are left out at this meal. But if you love red cabbage with potatoes, you do not have to do without it. Then just let the roast away, because potatoes, meat, fish, eggs & Co may not be combined.

As you can see, you can stay slim even in winter with all the hearty treats. Great right? To make it even easier for you, you will find in our picture gallery the tastiest, hearty recipe ideas based on the principle of the principle of the principle of separation.

Food combining table

With the Laura Separate Food Table, you can easily design any pre-Christmas menu - and lose a few pounds without sacrificing.

Carbohydrate-rich foods

  • loaf
  • all cereal products
  • noodles
  • potatoes
  • rice
  • Dried fruit (eg dates, apricots)
  • bananas
  • fresh figs
  • sweet apples
  • juices
  • sweeteners
  • beer

Protein rich foods

  • Cooked tomatoes
  • Cooked meat
  • Cooked fish
  • seafood
  • Eggs (except egg yolks)
  • milk
  • Cheese made from pasteurized milk
  • Fruit (except bananas, figs, blueberries, dried fruit, sweet apples)
  • sparkling wine
  • Wine

Neutral foods

  • Vegetables (except cooked tomatoes)
  • mushrooms
  • salad
  • Oils and fats
  • Smoked meat and fish
  • nuts
  • seed
  • raw milk
  • sour milk
  • cream cheese
  • acidified milk products
  • pure egg yolk
  • soy products
  • herbs and spices
  • blueberries
  • raisins
  • sweetener
  • Stevia
  • water
  • herbal tea

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