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Huangqi: A medicinal plant against many allergies

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  2. Interesting ingredients
  3. Hay fever: Allergy prevention and acute help until the fall
  4. House dust allergy
  5. Building the immune system in case of allergies
  6. Tragacanth - Strengthener and Energy (Qi) Tonic


The Mongolian tragacanth grows predominantly in Asia and is one of the main therapy plants in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), which earned it the name 'Huangqi' (meaning: yellow breath / life force). The medicinal plant (Astragalus membranaceus) has been used in Asia for millennia. Whether as an immune modulator for allergies and infections or tonic and tonic - the plant is one of the all-round talents in traditional Chinese medicine.

Above all, their ability to strengthen and build up the immune system is valued in Europe. She is now cultivated in Bavaria. In countries like Great Britain or Belgium, the plant is used as food.

Interesting ingredients

In modern studies it has been found out which ingredients make the medicinal plant so interesting:

Polysaccharides regulate our immune system and activate so-called macrophages (phagocytes). This makes them so interesting in the fight against dust mites, allergies and hayfever.

Triterpene saponins are anti-inflammatory, anti-asthmatic and immunoregulatory.

Isoflavones have an antioxidant effect, strengthen the immune system and promote cell protection.

Hay fever: Allergy prevention and acute help until autumn

A recent double-blind clinical study shows that application of Astragalus root reduces sensitivity to pollen and significantly reduces typical hay fever symptoms. 89 percent of patients benefit from the natural IgG antibody production that is used by the medicinal plant.

House dust allergy

While pollen allergy sufferers can breathe easy for a while in the cold season, people with a house dust allergy suffer year round. This has led physicians to use the successfully used against hay fever and proven in studies medicinal plant even in allergies to house dust.

Building the immune system in case of allergies

Normally the immune system protects us from viruses, bacteria and fungi. In an allergy, however, it also reacts quickly to harmless substances such as food or animal hair. Here, the use of tragacanth root can have a positive effect on the allergy and the immune system.

Tragacanth - fortifying agent and energy (qi) tonic

Astragalus membranaceus has always been used as a defense-enhancing agent and energy (Qi) tonic. In Chinese medicine, the tragacanth root is especially valued for protection against recurrent infections as well as tonicity in fatigue, chronic fatigue syndrome and recovery from illness.

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