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Now it's getting cuddly: 6 DIY ideas made of wool

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Warm home accessories

Comfortably warm home accessories made of wool are just the thing in winter. Here are 6 DIY ideas that you can imitate very quickly.

This is what you need for the woolen wreath :

  • Styrofoam wreath (25 cm diameter, craft shop)
  • Wool in pink ( fabric store)
  • thin felt fabric in different shades, in each case per flower of 6 circles at least 1 sheet of 16 x 24 cm (craft shop)
  • pencil
  • Round template
  • scissors
  • Sewing needle and sewing thread

And that's how easy it is:

1. To wrap a pink wool styrofoam wreath.

2. Cut 6 6-8 cm circles from the felt per flower.

3. Fold each circle twice to a quarter and sew these quarters together at the top with needle and thread. This creates a bigger flowering.

4. Attach the flowers to the garland with a pin.

5. Hang the finished wreath on a ribbon.

This is what you need for the wool lampshade :

  • Wool in different colors
  • tape
  • lampshade
  • scissors

And that's how easy it is:

1. Fix the beginning of the ball of wool inside the lampshade with tape.

2. Wrap the lampshade tightly with different wool threads .

3. Re-attach with adhesive tape at the end.

4. Wrap threads of different colors on this wool layer at regular intervals.

That's what you need for the vases:

  • different bottles
  • double-sided adhesive tape (eg from Tesa)
  • Wool in different colors
  • freesia
  • snapdragons
  • Scabiosa
  • scissors

And that's how easy it is:

1. Stick the bottle vertically around with double-sided adhesive tape.

2. Starting at the top, wrap the wool thread neatly around the bottle.

3. Fill with water and put in flowers.

You need this for the mural:

  • Wooden board adhesive strips (eg from Tesa)
  • treenails
  • hammer
  • white spray paint (eg MTN94 white, MontanaColors,
  • blue yarn (department store, craft shop, retailers)
  • Computer printers +

And that's how easy it is:

1. Have the wooden board sawed down to the desired size (eg in the hardware store).

2. Select any lettering in the desired font and size on the computer and print on plain paper (the more angular the font, the simpler).

3. Arrange the paper (possibly several sheets) on the wooden board and fix it with adhesive tape.

4. Turn the nails along the font contours into the board. The smaller the distance between the individual nails, the more clearly one will be able to recognize the letters. When rounding in the letter, reduce the distance between the nails.

5. When the complete lettering is nailed, remove the paper.

6. Spray the board white and let it dry well.

7. Knot the yarn to a nail and now connect the nails of a letter criss-cross so that it is filled in and you can see it well. At the end fix the yarn with a knot.

8. Repeat step 7 with all letters.

What you need for the lanterns with wool dress :

  • old sweaters or socks
  • cylindrical glasses
  • tealights
  • needle and thread
  • fabric scissors

And that's how easy it is:

1. Make sleeves and cuffs from discarded pullovers or stockings.

To do this, cut out the desired piece, put it over the glass and, if necessary, reduce it to the circumference of the glass with a needle and thread.

You need this for the lettering and the tennis racket:

  • Strickliesel
  • Wool
  • floral wire
  • scissors
  • pins
  • old tennis racket (second hand)
  • Wool
  • scissors

And that's how easy it is:


1. Make a drawstring with the Strickliesel, approx. 150 cm long.

2. Lead a flower wire from one end to the other through the center of the resulting cord. Tie the ends with a piece of wool.

3. Form the lettering in cursive. In the places where the cord overlaps, fix the cord with some wool.

4. Secure with pins on the wall.

Tennis rackets:

1. Begin in the middle of the tennis racket and measure 9 boxes, wrapped in wool.

2. Then put a small box on both sides and fold 9 boxes again.

3. Then on both sides put a small box up 9 reels.

4. Next, wrap 8 boxes on both sides and leave out a box at the bottom.

5. Leave one box at the top and bottom on both sides and wrap around 7 boxes.

6. Leave one box at the top and bottom and wrap 5 boxes on both sides.

7. Leave a box on both sides at the top and bottom and wrap around 3 boxes.

8. Always knot the ends of the wool well on the back.