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You should know that about wall colors

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The most common questions about painting

How to avoid cloud formation after drying a dark paint? Apply a primer before, which is already tinted in the tone of the top coat. Follow exactly the instructions of the manufacturer. And use a paint roller in top quality.

Why does the color of a paint in the bucket not correspond to the color shade in the dried state? Matte interior wall paints have a high proportion of fillers which, when dried, break the light. This makes the color look brighter. For silk gloss and glossy colors, the reverse effect occurs.

What is the difference between washing and abrasion resistance? Paints that endure a scouring test of more than 1000 "rubs" are said to be washable. If they cover more than 5000, they are known as scrub resistant.

What is the difference between latex paints and "normal" wall paints? Latex paints are considered the best quality wall paints. There is no clear definition, but they usually have a higher content of binders and white pigments. And in contrast to "normal" wall paints, they are dull, silky and shiny. Many latex paints are also suitable for outdoor use.

Why is a color suitable for kitchen and bathroom far more expensive than a standard color? These are special paints with higher performance binders that protect walls from moisture. Some colors are equipped with anti-mold agents.

Our woodchip wallpaper was damaged. Do we have to wallpaper anew? No, and fixing the damage goes even jerk, twitch. And with a special Rasmine wall paint from the tube. This granular paint is applied to the wall, spread with the foam roller, and then allowed to dry easily.

Do you have to paint yellowed walls of tobacco smoke with a special paint? So that the yellow tar deposits do not penetrate through the fresh paint, you should apply a barrier primer. It effectively "blocks" the nascent lining. After drying coat with a standard quality paint.