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Decorating ideas for your best friend's birthday table

Photo: deco & style

All the best!

The best friend has a special table decoration for her birthday more than earned - girlish, playful but not cheesy it should be.

Summer romance on the table : on the lilac-colored ceiling, the white tableware with lemon-yellow accessories radiates to the bet.


For the tassel on the place set the yarn to the desired thickness of the tassel in approximately 6 cm wide loops. Pull on one side through all the loops a tape to hang. Wrap all threads tightly with yarn about 1.5 cm from this end, thread on a pendant, knot the twine ends and pull inwards. At the bottom cut all loops in the middle and attach a name tag to the suspension.

White dishes "Taste White", z. B. plate, about 42 €: Reichenbach. Purple plate, about 7 €, wine glass, about 8 €, teaspoon, about 12 €: Zara Home. Spoon "Handle with love", ca. 7 €: Car. Confetti, about 6 €:

Sweet sin

Chocolate or popsicles? Neither - under the icing hidden a lemon cake! Prepare the favorite sponge cake according to the instructions, bake in the special silicone mold, allow the cake to cool, remove from the mold and push the ice-cream stalks into the dough. Mix the icing, color with food coloring in a light or dark lilac shade and paint with a brush on the cake. Then leave to dry and arrange on a plate with berries.

Silicone baking dish including ice stalks, approx. 13 €: Cake Fork, about 12 €: Zara Home

present Parade

These packages are almost too good for unpacking! Idea 1: Cut candles out of masking tape and glue them onto wrapping paper. Record wick and flame with fineliner. Idea 2: Attach border decoration with glue around the edge. Label the nameplate and stick it on. Idea 3: Wrap ribbon around the package and knot it on the back. Spray pressed flower with acrylic varnish and put it under.

Vase, about 24 €, chair, about 29 €, flower picture, about 18 €: tealight, about 6 €, glass, set of 6, about 57 €: Car. Diamond, about 14 €: