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Fit in "age" With 30's going downhill! Is that correct?

Is it really true that the body only breaks down at 30? Nutritionist and fitness expert Patric Heizmann says it all depends ...

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At 30, it goes downhill. Bad, who crosses this magical age limit and got this crushing belief set innumerable times for years. Like me. I have heard this saying again and again at the tender age of 23, 25, 27. Is it really like that? It depends...

The facts: the hormone balance changes, right, testosterone decreases. Even with women who naturally have less of it. They have just less, that's stupid. Because it is the main responsible hormone for firm, firm muscles and our Muckis are well known permanent calorie eaters. So, whoever has less and less muscle with the elderly also needs fewer calories. The problem: We feed on cheerfully. The older, the more tasty food becomes more important. Some are convinced: "Eating is the sex of old age" and then it gets really fat. As thigh silver. As delicatessen vault.

Stress is thickening

The retiring testosterone is not the only problem: Many people are at the age of 30 in the midst of stressful work or family life. (Duration) stress is felt by our organism as an emergency situation. So that there is always enough fuel for the acute stress phases, the body tilts more of its stress hormone cortisol into the blood and cortisol makes you like fuel in particularly stressful situations from Muckis. So it also gnaws at the fat burner No. 1. The stress we run today, no more, literally.

Because our ancestors always took their legs in acute stress phases and fled or fought with the highest possible intensity. That was in the nature of things: If they had laid down and gnawed on a banana, that would have been a fine treat for the saber-toothed kitten (With a chewed banana for dessert.) Good for the stress reduction was the race or fighting anyway. Because the stress hormone dissolved in the air when Fred Feuerstein gasped or whistled for air.

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Stay in motion

Are you helpless at the mercy of bodily decay? Of course not! Just pay attention to two things: try to avoid unnecessary stress as much as possible. Do not take too many commitments that will unnecessarily cause your muscle killer hormone to circulate in the bloodstream.

If this is unavoidable, then the hormone cortisol may be used for a leisurely run in the evening. These 15 minutes + 5 minutes showers are not really missing in the evening on-the-couch. Your happiness hormones are now celebrating a party in your body. That feels nice. If you do not frequently (otherwise become too stressful) than 2-3x per week a short, intensive strength training in the gym or at home with eg push-up, squats and Poformer make, then cranking man and little woman like the testosterone production. The stuff makes you muscles again and also tickles the libido. Maybe then soon the endurance training can be moved to bed? Nothing is impossible...

Muscle food instead of fillers

Nothing new, but especially important to mention here: who only stuffs garbage in itself, will slowly deform his body. Protein is the basic building block of the muscles. Sure, who lets his body rotten motionless and consumed more fillers than food, which goes from 30 stable downhill and then remains in the "I'll get old" miserable. I'm half past 76 - so 38 years (yes, I may already have a say) and has never been as fit as today. I'm even convinced that there is more and less training required than in the 20s.

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Experience beats effort

30's uphill! Because over 30s have a big advantage over the young hoppers: we know our body a lot better, know more about exercise and nutrition. So we can massively delay the "decay". So you will still have good sex at the age of 90, while at best, peers will still be able to feed the ducks in the park. Hopefully, God will help me with this. He does not have to look.

So ... show your muscles that you would miss them if they secretly say goodbye. And reward her with her favorite food: protein. Pizzaböden, pancakes and bread you can beef up muscle-friendly.

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