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Instructions: Fabric dog just sew yourself

Simple sewing instructions for small stuffed dog
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Animal friends to make your own

This little terrier is guaranteed not biting! The cute stuffed dog is the perfect roommate. We show how easy you can sew it.

That's what you need for the little terrier:

  • two brown socks of any pattern
  • two medium sized buttons in mother of pearl
  • Mini pompon in pink (craft shop)
  • fiberfill
  • white fabric
  • pink ribbon
  • pen
  • fabric scissors
  • Sewing machine and matching yarn
  • sewing needle

And that's how easy it is:

1. Cropping parts: First you have to cut the individual parts of the body. To do this, use the banner as a template and possibly mark the pattern with a chalk pen. Cut the left sock lying almost flat. Pull the right sock apart with the heel facing up.

2. Body shaping: From the right sock (without toe-to-toe), which was cut in the middle until shortly before the heel, sew the body with hind legs: turn sock to left, stitch out contours all around except the upper opening at the cuff, your feet work around it. Turn.

3. Sewing the head: The head is formed from the middle part of the left sock. Turn the sock part over and sew it round at the side that is just cut off at the tiptoe. This results in the muzzle. The diagonally cut side over the heel remains open for stuffing. Turn the head.

4. Sew front legs: The dog's forelegs are sewn from the mid-cut shaft of the left sock (without cuffs): turn the two pieces and sew them together on the long and one short side, rounding off the short side. Turn the two finished hoses.

5. Make ears & tail: The ears are made from the right toe, the tail from the left. Cut the sock part in the middle for the ears. For the tail cut only a narrow strip from the front tip. All parts on the left, except for a small opening, sew and turn.

6. Fill with cotton wool: Now it goes to the stuffing: All body parts, except for the tail, bulging stuffed with cotton wool. Start with the body with the legs. Fill the tail with only a little cotton. Tip: for all narrow parts, (ie legs, ears and tail) take a pin or wooden skewer to help.

7. Assemble : Sew all body parts so that the cotton does not swell out. Then it's time to assemble: sew the head by hand on the body. Sew forelimbs at the sides of the torso, put the ears on the top and left top of the head.

8. Work out details: Now come the subtleties: sew the tail in any position on the rump. Put two buttons as eyes. Sew on a small pompom for the nose above the muzzle. That's it! Finally tie a ribbon around the neck with ribbon to conceal the seam.

9. Finishing Bones: A fabric bone is a fun accessory that gives Oskar the finishing touch. Double-place white fabric, record and cut out a bone. On left to left, except for a small opening, sew together, turn around and stuff with cotton wool. Finished is Oskar's toy!

The complete instructions for download can be found here!

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