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Get some wool! Crochet Pattern: This sweet octopus is our new roommate

Actually octopuses are sea creatures. This little, colorful crochet octopus has made it to the bathroom thanks to our instructions. Luckily!

Perfect for the bathroom: The crochet hook
Photo: Deco & Style

That's what you need for the octopus:

150 g Anchor Magicline in color 01494 crochet hooks No. 3, 5 and 2.5; Knitting yarn in white and red; 2 black hemisphere buttons, seed beads and pearls for decorating, filling and filling granules, matching sewing thread

  • Anchor Style - Magicline Dotty, 100g Fb 1494 and 50g in Fb 1498
  • Milward crochet hook No. 3, 5 and 2, 5
  • Anchor pearl yarn in white and red
  • 2 black hemispherical buttons, ΓΈ 10 mm,
  • Seed beads and pearls for decoration
  • Filling wadding and filling granules
  • matching sewing thread

And this is how it's done:

1st round: work 10 fM in light blue in a string. Crochet always dc in round.
2nd-11th round: evenly split 5 sts each round = 60 sts.
12th Rd: No increase
ROUND 13: Redistribute 5 sts evenly = 65 sts.
R 14: without increases.
ROUND 15: Redistribute 5 sts evenly = 70 sts.
16th-19th Rd: No increases
ROUND 20: Slightly split 5 sts = 65 sts.
21st Rd: Without declines
22nd round: 5 sts evenly distributed = 60 sts.
23rd Rd: Without declines
24th-34th round: Slip 5 sts evenly on each round = 5 sts.
Attention: Before the opening becomes too narrow, cover the body with cotton wool and stuff it inside with granules

Crochet 4 arms each in light blue and dark blue. Then crochet 35 ch + 1 turn ch in the 1st ch after the turn ch 1 dc and 1 h sts, crochet 3 tr in the following ch.

Crochet 20 double sticks with pearl yarn No. 3 in white and the thinner crochet hook in a string. Replace the first double chopper with 4 ch and close the round with 1 sliver stitch in the 4th initial air stitch.

Sew arms and eyes to the body. Embroider mouth in chainstitch. Embroider body with pearls and sequins, sew on eye buttons.

Click here to download the manual.