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Red underwear on New Year's Eve: lingerie for the last night of the year

Underwired bra and lace hipster by Elle Macpherson about Asos 55 euros each and 33 euros.
Photo: Manufacturer

Eight sexy sets for a successful evening

It is said that who welcomes the new year in red underwear, in the next 365 days particularly lucky. We want! Our most beautiful suggestions for the colorful 'Drunter' can be found here.

Have you already thought about your New Year's Eve outfit? Because even if you could not decide between a party dress or a cool two-piece suit, one should be an integral part of the look: the red lingerie.

Especially in Italy, France and Spain, the belief is widespread that red underwear on New Year's Eve promises happiness, success and, of course, a lot of love. The only condition besides the color choice: The underwear must be new and a present. Even though we do not care about such hocus-pocus, the old tradition is a nice excuse to treat yourself to beautiful lingerie .

There is currently no shortage of choices: from strong berry tones to signal red, there is currently every nuance that our heart desires. So shop quickly before the big party is due - or just send the loved one, so he can make us happy.

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