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Napkin to the rabbit fold

  • Square cloth napkin in pink
  • Paper in green
  • felt-tip pen
  • Clothespin (craft shop)
  • scissors

1. Spread the napkin right side down.

Fold lower and upper edge over the center so that the napkin is in thirds.

2. Place one finger in the middle of the top edge and place both halves down to the vertical center.

3. Fold right and left lower edge diagonally upwards to the middle edge.

4. Lay the newly created edges back to the middle edge ...

5. ... and connect with a pin.

6. Turn the top tip down and turn the entire part over.

7. Fold the tip up first and then bend the side tips backwards and put them into each other. Pull the two upper tips apart as ears.

8. Use a pair of scissors to cut a paper egg and label it with felt tip pen. Attach to the napkin with a clothespin. Finished!