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Amazing video: Pizza experiment with the homeless

Photo: Screenshot / Sam

Giving instead of taking

What happens when you ask a stranger for pizza? The amazing result of his pizza experiment with homeless people is captured in a video by Sam.

Youtuber Sam does a simple experiment - in a restaurant and on the street. The result is amazing and makes you think.

He goes into a restaurant and asks the guests if he could get a piece of pizza. The answers of the people are not very astonishing: All deny and send the young man away. Nobody wants to share his pizza with Sam.

On the same day, Youtuber orders his friends to give a pizza to a homeless man on the street. The scenario is filmed by a secret camera. The homeless gratefully accept the snack.

Only five minutes later Sam appears, continuing his experiment. He asks the homeless man for a piece of pizza. The man has hardly anything, he lives on the street and is grateful for every meal he gets. The stupefying: The homeless Sam gives without doubt, a piece of his pizza. Why do the people who have the least give the most?

The Pizza Experiment reveals a reversed world that encourages everyone to rethink their own relationship between giving and taking.