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Something's rolling down on us. Great kids: Make sure your kid is fine later

Children love sweets! But too much of it harms our little one. Together with nutrition expert and coach Patric Heizmann, we'll show you how to make sure that your children are already learning the right way to handle sweets.

Children do not need sweets as a reward
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A step into the public outdoor swimming pools today, can shock you by now, at least from a health point of view. A classic example, without of course want to overweight children to attack: At the edge of the pool Schwinnbads sits a thickened child. It's wet because it's just out of the water. It obviously had a lot of fun with his equally cuddly buddy. They joked around. Wonderful to see good-humored children, it is really beautiful sight. The mother seems to be worried that the little rascals could be about to starve to death after the water bath, and she unpacked: Pasta salad from the plastic cup with AufreiƟdeckel (The finished version). A two-liter Coke bottle, a bag of fruit gums (she had misunderstood that eating "as colorful fruit" as possible). For dessert, there is the healthy children's milk in the form of milk cuts. The two fluffy boys hit hard.

The feeding of these two boys is no exception. Everywhere you can see that food chases play the main role in the outdoor pool and the children are literally fattened. Together with our nutritional experts, we would like to motivate at least some to question: Do children (and of course adults) have to be permanent chewers? Even if the sugar lowers the mind in the short term ... is it really a challenge for the parents, the little ones something sensible like wholegrain crackers, pre-cut fruit, vegetable sticks with a herbal dip and, if it must be sugar sweet, at least dried fruit (because it anyway still contain vital substances) to pack? Actually, the answer to that should be a clear no. If you're interested in optimizing your knowledge of healthy eating and discovering family-friendly nutrition tips, we suggest you join the free online Semir provided by our nutrition expert Patric Heizmann.

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If the wild food were limited to the swimming pool, it could still be considered relatively unproblematic. Unfortunately, home bottling is sure to be in the second round !? Until the scoundrels are then counted round and unhealthy in the twelfth round, or even before it has brought down the social knockout. In kindergarten and elementary school age, the additional luggage will not be mentally significant. But woe, puberty causes an emotional rewiring in the roof of the changing body, then the fight against weight begins and leaves deep wounds in the young soul. Often with lifelong consequences and starting an exhausted, unsuccessful diet career.

Children do not need sweets when they have fun (in the pool or whatever). Children do not need sweet comforters when they have ouch and tumble the tears. After all, our little ones do not need anything to eat as a "reward" after playing with children. They are having fun enough. All of this creates false bridges in adolescents' young brainwash, which are constantly being expanded and strengthened into adulthood.

Expert Patric Heizmann, who is a father himself, says: "Of course it is nonsense to deny sweets to our offspring in general. It's about the connections that are ground in early. Sweet as a dessert, when everyone is sitting at the table, or enjoying a cake together at lunchtime does not make anyone fat. It is the constant little things in between, the instant yielding, when the dwarf cries for sugar sweet. We parents have the power: children are quickly distracted, can be influenced. Of course that's not always easy, but it works. Ultimately, we have the long-lasting, yummy aftertaste of at least doing everything we can to counter this unstoppable wave. "

It's our children, do we really want to see that half of life is all about dieting and losing weight later?

After many years of experience, the expert makes an appeal to all the parents out there: DO SOMETHING! Best: Be a good role model. Because our kids are going to ruin everything anyway. Not always immediately, but strikingly often over the long haul. How you can be a role model for your children and give them a fit future, shows the family man and health coach in his free online semiarary with simple pictorial words.

"With 7 everyday tricks to the desired figure" Get the tricks