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Street fight: These pictures are from Germany!

In Frankfurt, the demonstrators go on the street: And it bangs violently. Scenes like those from a civil war are being experienced by people in the Main metropolis

Not only in war zones: Even in Germany there is street fighting
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currently., Reason for this: The opening of the new branch of the European Central Bank on Wednesday morning. The Blockupy Alliance demonstrates against the euro policy.

On Wednesday morning at 11 clock, the new headquarters of the European Central Bank (ECB) was inaugurated. And that makes for violent protests. Around 10, 000 demonstrators are expected during the day in Frankfurt. Stones are thrown, cars are lit, street barricades erected: 6000 policemen are working in Frankfurt's East to control the prostests. The Frankfurt police spokeswoman has already stated that around 80 police officers were attacked and injured with corrosive acid. Around 350 demonstrators were arrested.

What does Blockupy want?

The political activists are demonstrating against capitalism, against European austerity and bank bailouts, and for solidarity with Greece. The protests are directed against the ECB, but also against the World Monetary Fund and the World Bank. In the opinion of the Blockupy, these are driving a worldwide impoverishment policy.

The 350 people who were arrested, are suspected of breach of the peace. Police take action. # 18M # 18null three

- Police Frankfurt (@Polizei_Ffm) 18 March 2015

Does it have to be that way?

A total of six schools were closed in the east of Frankfurt. Buses and trains do not drive at all or only partially and residents do not dare to hit the street anymore. This is the total state of emergency for achieving political goals. Many citizens disagree with this and give vent to their mood on social media.

By the way, destroying rescue vehicles is not a viable protest against capitalism because of it carmaker shareholders ... ^^ #Blockupy

- Stefan K├Ârner (@sekor) March 18, 2015

Other commentators understand the aggressiveness. If the state and politicians give the impression that they are not interested in the citizens, such massive protests are no wonder. The others condemn so much destruction and violence, even if they are in action for an important issue.

# Blockupy tweets

It is clear in any case that the euro conflict has arrived in the middle of Germany. For a long time now it's not just about money, but also about anger and trust. It is also clear that politicians are faced with an ever greater task: to save not only our currency but also confidence in the state