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Pink hair against the cancer

The pink hair is the 62-year-old not bad at all!
Photo: reddit / borrow_a_feeling

With pink hair, Janet fights breast cancer

This woman turns her hair pink! The reason for the hairstyle, however, is a sad: The 62-year-old has cancer.

Even though gray hair seems to be trendy, Janet Sheppard-Kelleher seems to have had enough of her hair color. She wanted a complete renewal of her hairstyle: Since dyed the 62-year-old's hair in an unusual color. It should be pink and a mohawk cut!

But Janet is even bolder: Instead of going to a hairdresser, she leaves her daughter to her head. The post then post on Facebook funny before-and-after photos. The hairstyle is surprisingly good for her mother! But at second glance, the pink hair is not so funny anymore

Posted by Jan Kelleher on Monday, June 29, 2015

Because behind the Umstyling is a tragic diagnosis. Janet has breast cancer for the second time. The cancer was first diagnosed in 2001. But even then the mother was incredibly impressive with her illness.

Janet's greatest strength is her humor. She can not be beaten by anything or anyone, let alone by cancer. Already during her first chemo she was least bothered about losing her hair. In fact, she even made fun of the bald and scared strangers, as her daughter reports. Once again Janet seems to have a plan from which she can not stop anyone: beat the cancer and never lose the humor! When she called her daughter, the pink hair color was already ready.

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Posted by Janet Sheppard Kelleher on Monday, September 22, 2014

She takes the life as it comes - and when it brings the cancer again, she also accepts this challenge. The 62-year-old fights with humor and pink hair against the cancer. She has already written a book about her first chemo that is not a drama but a comedy that inspires countless people. Get well soon Janet!