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Justin Bieber buys another car - for himself and Selena

Justin Bieber creates a park-friendly smart car

Justin Bieber / ©

Cars are Justin Bieber's hobby and the luxury he always has. Just 18, he already has a Range Rover, a tuned to Batmobile sports car and since his birthday also a luxurious electric car in the garage. However, there was always trouble with the police, because the teen star was either too fast or parked his Nobel cars wrong. In a nutshell, Justin fixed the problem and got another car for the city, which is less wasteful than cute and perfect for him and girlfriend Selena. He was just seen in a sleek smart car during a shopping trip in Beverly Hills. Despite the mini size, it looks cool in its preferred black paint color, especially as the "boyfriend" singer replaced the company logo with the words "Swag Car". In addition, some custom-made on the model have been made, as reported by the British newspaper "Daily Mail". Justin Bieber bought the custom-built city car for Selena Gomez? Selena Gomez was not there when Justin Bieber drove in to shop and stroll through a "Ducati" store (is he planning a motorcycle next?), But in fact the little racer seems perfect for the teen Couple, that certainly does not have to fight for the scarce parking spaces of the city in the future. Did Justin Bieber even buy the car for his girlfriend at the end?