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Energy JewelryThis meaning is behind the chakra chain

A chakra necklace is a piece of jewelery that especially yoga fans wear. What meaning they can have and you can find a nice example here.

A chakra chain can have many meanings - but first and foremost it is a kind of energy supplier
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  1. The perception of beauty, devotion and need for harmony
  2. Buy a chakra necklace
  3. Which types are there?
  4. Do I have to clean chakra chains?

Many yoginis and non-yoginis love to adorn themselves with chakra chains . And not only because they belong to the yoga look or look smart for many. Chakra chains are given a special role in yoga teaching, but also in tantric Hinduism, for example. They are supposed to activate the chakras, the energy centers of your body, and release blockages . Especially those who are supposed to strengthen the heart and solar plexus chakra are said to have great power.

The perception of beauty, devotion and need for harmony

A powerful chakra gem is this heart chakra necklace . This precious piece of jewelry consists of a cord in cream or green, attached to it is a pendant made of gold-plated or pure sterling silver. In the pendant twelve lotus leaves in silver are draped around a green peridot . The twelve leaves stand for love and devotion . The green peridot is one of the gems that are assigned to the heart chakra . The fourth chakra is the energy center for love. It includes love and compassion for and with others, as well as self-love. Also the perception of beauty, devotion and the need for harmony are based on this chakra. The color of the heart chakra is usually green, accordingly, this energy center is mainly associated with green stones.

Buy a chakra necklace

There are many chakra chains on the market. A particularly nice variant for your heart chakra is on .

The green peridot is one of the gems that are assigned to the heart chakra. The fourth chakra is the energy center for love
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All facts at a glance:

  • Color choice: Pendant in 18ct gold-plated sterling silver on cream cord or sterling silver pendant on green cord
  • Trailer Diameter: 20 mm
  • Chain Length: 64 cm
  • The necklace comes in an Eternal Bliss jewelery box

The chakra necklace is available in the Happinez shop

Which types are there?

As with all other chakra pieces of jewelry, there is no fixed specification of what the necklace should look like. Frequently, chakra chains consist of a single gemstone for a single energy center, as in the example. In other chains, numerous stones have been processed into a piece of jewelry. A well-known and popular example is Malas . The are sometimes made of a single stone or different stones. The only thing that all chakra chains clearly have in common is that they mean more to their wearers than just looking pretty. Each chakra necklace is designed in its own unique way to help you with your energy work .

Do I have to clean chakra chains?

Absolutely. The chakra stones are charged according to the different esoteric or religious teachings in turn with energy. That should be positive, but also negative energy. To make sure that the chakra chain can do its "work" freely, you should clean it every now and then . Some healing stones can be easily cleaned with clear cold or lukewarm water . But you should be careful here. Depending on the material, the water can damage the surface. It is usually recommended to lay out healing stones in the light of the full moon, thus purifying them of absorbed energies. You see, there is a lot of spirituality at work here.

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