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My Bed ": Probably the most expensive bed in the world

"My Bed" by Tracey Emin
Photo: Getty Images

Artwork for incredible sum auctioned

Some see only a bed filled with bed, the others deeply look at the artist's soul: "My Bed", one of the most talked about works of modern art, now came under the hammer.

Tracey Emin had been struggling with severe depression in the late '90s - for days she was plagued by lovesickness and suicidal thoughts in her bed. This very thing was to become her greatest work of art ; In 1999, it was even nominated for the prestigious Turner Prize.

The bed looks deep, nothing is polished: body fluids are scattered over the grubby sheet, rubbish dribbles next to the bed - used condoms, bloody underwear, empty vodka bottles and cigarette packs included.

Whether one sees the messy bed as a valuable work of art or not, lovers have it. This week, "My Bed" was auctioned for around 3.2 million euros in London. Who exactly is the new (happy?) Owner, has not been announced yet. But he does not need it to sleep ...

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