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After the death of her mother: girl wants to do good with gospel

Rhema Marvanne at the beginning of her singing career as a gospel singer.
Photo: YouTube / jeff goetz

The story of Rhema Marvanne

Rhema Marvanne was only six when her seriously cancer-stricken mother died. Her grief turned her into something very special with her father.

When little Rhema Marvanne was four, her mother Wendi was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. After her diagnosis, the young woman only stayed with her family for two more years. On November 8, 2008 Wendi Marvanne died. By the time her mother took her last breath, little Rhema was always with her.

After the death of her mother and wife, Rhema and her father Teton decided in their own way to mourn the deceased Wendi. Rhema began to sing gospel . The gift of a full and very moving voice was as it were laid in the cradle of the girl.

Even as she began to learn to speak, little Rhema was also enthusiastic about singing. After the death of her mother she wanted to continue singing for them.

In recent years, Rhema Maravanne has recorded various music videos and albums. The 12-year-old girl sings classical gospel songs as well as current hits. With her impressive voice, Rhema has built up a large fan base. It's not just her amazing talent that moves people around the world, but also the fact that Rhema has been singing in heaven for her very personal angel for many years.

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