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When she wants to touch the spider, we want to intervene ...

Photo: YouTube / Booooooom.com

Stefan Pabst: Impressive illusions through his 3D drawings

A little girl is running towards a giant tarantula - and we are stifling our breath. But luckily, there is more appearance than being.

Draw a cube so that it looks reasonably three-dimensional - we can do that too. But this little gimmick that we scribbled as children in our blocks of paint has brought the Russian artist Stefan Pabst to perfection!

He conjures three-dimensional illusions with a piece of paper and a pencil, rubbing our eyes. Whether animals, the moon or just a glass of water. We want to access right away - but it does not work ...

Watch the video. It's really impressive what Stefan Pabst creates in three-dimensional art :