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The easiest way to reach your goals!

Achieve goals? Go in no time!
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You have reached your destination

Do you want to reach your goals? It's quicker - and easier - than you think: Here comes the really most effective way to reach your goals!

Have you decided to do more sports, but have given it up just as quickly? Did not you want to call an old friend this week, but you did not make it again?

These and similar situations are now a thing of the past - as of today, you'll be able to quickly achieve any goal you set yourself! And that's easier than you think.

The secret is quite simple: it is called if-then-thinking. Over a hundred studies on a wide range of topics have now been evaluated - whether it was sports exercises, diets, negotiations or management.

The result: If one determines the place and time for the project, doubled (and sometimes tripled!) The chance of success to achieve this goal and actually put the project into action!

For example, do not pretend to call somebody "later", but concretize the goal - using an if-then phrase: "If it's 4pm, I'll call Sabine."

An intriguing study of people planning to do more sport reinforces this theory: a group of people decided to do sports regularly. Point. Concretely, the other group planned: "If it's Monday, Wednesday and Friday, I'll do an hour of work before work."

The result: After several weeks, only 39 percent of the group that only made it trained. By contrast, 91 percent from the if-then group remained even after weeks athletic! Incidentally, similar studies have been made with the intention of going to check-ups.

But why does it work? Quite simply, the human brain remembers the concrete better than the unconcrete.

By the way: if-then thinking works great, too, if you want to prepare yourself for possible eventualities. For example, "If I get an email that makes me angry, I'll wait 30 minutes before I answer it." This saves you - in this particular case - the blunder of a hasty snotty answer, and generally it makes your life easier !

Achieving goals : We would not have imagined that it would be so easy! We at wunderweib are enthusiastic and practice it ourselves - because it actually works! Promised!

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