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Live better with the power of sleep

Many people find sleep a waste of time. Sleep is one of the most elemental vital functions and immensely important to recharge your batteries for the following day.

Medications are not a solution to sleep disorders. The causes should be recognized and treated
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In case of sleep disturbances you should recognize and remedy the causes.

In the resting phase, especially the nervous, hormonal and immune systems are balanced and strengthened for the next active phase. Important: Any disruptive factors that prevent you from sleeping should be eliminated.

Electrosmog robs you of sleep

One possible cause of insomnia is electrosmog. Televisions, quartz watches and cell phones, for example, generate electromagnetic fields. Studies show that these can inhibit the production of sleep hormone. Therefore, all confounders should be banned from near the bed. Also important for the night's sleep: a healthy sleep system. Lamellar gratings, mattresses, sleeping pads, blankets and pillows in a bioenergetic and holistic way are very suitable.

Avoid sleeping pills!

Many people are putting themselves under pressure to sleep through. Added to this is the famous "head cinema": psychological pressure, personal or professional worries, which are mainly processed while asleep. Reason: The body comes to rest in sleep and thoughts thus have free rein. All this can lead to the fact that one wakes up first and develops sleep disorders. It is normal to wake up to 28 times a night - often you do not even notice it.

More and more people are turning to sleeping pills - you should not do that. First, think about the possible causes of your sleep problems and think about how you can fix them. For serious problems that prevent you from sleeping at night, professional help in the form of a talk therapy offers. Your family doctor will be happy to advise you.

Sleeping pills interfere with deep sleep

Although sleep medications help to make you sleep better, they actually disrupt the deep sleep phase, which is very important for the quality of your sleep and for your recovery. They should create a kind of "sleep culture". Always keep in mind: sleeping is pleasure!