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Scandal: Cute magic wand is really scary toy

This toy looks a lot more harmless than it really is.
Photo: YouTube / TVReport200

Toy packaging misleads mother

What looks at first glance like a cute toy for children, turns out to be something really scary and inappropriate.

Nicole Allen, a mother from Ohio (USA), wants to do something good for her little two-year-old daughter and buys her a cute toy in a bargain shop that seems to be a magic wand. The packaging does not indicate anything else. An inscription promises "wonderful music". But the name of the toy may make you startled: Evilstick (German: 'bad rod'). Nicole Allen, however, does not pay attention.

Arrived at home, it does not take long for the mother of two to experience a great shock. As she plays, her little daughter removes the silver foil attached to the center of the flower. Among them is not to be seen as a pretty symbol of a little fairy or the like, but the image of a little girl who cuts quite obviously with a knife in the arm .

Even the wonderful music turns out to be something completely different. Instead of pretty melodies you can hear malicious laughter. Nicole Allen is horrified. If she had known what a toy it really was, she would never have bought it for her little daughter.

In the video below, the mother vent her anger: "I'm shocked, I want to know how you can think this toy could be child-friendly."

The shop owner, who is also featured in the News Center 7 news show below, does not see the blame on himself or the manufacturer. In his opinion, parents should pay more attention to what they buy from their children. The toy was not taken out of the sale for the time being.

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