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What was going on there? Shock for Andrea Kiewel on ZDF television garden - live TV scandal!

The "ZDF TV Garden" with presenter Andrea Kiewel is one of Germany's most popular TV formats. The last broadcast received criticism - this was the real drama behind the scenes. Andrea Kiewel moderates the popular show "ZDF Fernsehgarten". Photo: Thomas Lohnes / Getty Images A total of 1


InstructionsCarried alpaca

Here you can download the entire manual. Dimensions: approx. Photo: DROPS Design 19 cm high x 11 cm long You need this: DROPS Brushed Alpaca Silk from Garnstudio 50 g color 05, beige + a rest of black for the eyes and muzzle Filling wool - or Fill with Brushed Alpaca Silk so that the filling is the same color and does not show through DROPS CROCHET NO


Energy Centers of the BodyChakra Stones: Meaning and Examples

You may have heard of chakras before. But what are chakra stones? We'll explain it to you - and show you beautiful examples that you can shop directly. Photo: knape / iStock If you have not had anything to do with the topic yet, let's just say one explanation: The word chakra is used in various esoteric teachings, in yoga and also in tantra, for example, and refers to energy centers of the human body


Jewelry with Meaning Buddha Bracelet: What's that gem?

Buddha Bracelets - the name reveals who this jewelery is dedicated to. The exact meaning and nice pieces of jewelry can be found here. Did you know what the Buddha bracelet means exactly? Photo: PR: Happinez Before we go into the details, let's take a look at the Buddha bracelets . What a Buddha bracelet looks like, you can see here in two very different examples: a bracelet with a Buddha wisdom and a Mala bracelet with Buddha pendant


Meaningful AccessoryThis means the tree of life chain

The tree of life is a much used symbol of yogis and non-yogis. But do you actually know what he stands for? Here are some nice examples of Tree of Life chains. The tree of life is a powerful symbol and gets even more important as a chain Photo: PR: Happinez What does the tree of life chain mean? The Tree of Life, Tree of Life or World Tree plays a role in many religions and teachings


Jewelry with SinnBuddhakette: This meaning lies behind the piece of jewelry

Whether Buddhist, yoga fan or just lovers of special jewelry: A Buddha chain makes everyone happy. We have researched for you the meaning behind the special jewelry and show you where to get the most beautiful Buddha chains. Did you actually know what the Buddha chain means? Photo: Thomas Demarczyk / iStock When you think of Buddha, you will surely immediately have a picture in your head: that of a cross-seated man in prayer


Jewelry with meaning Buddha jewelry: All facts and models to the trend

Does the gently smiling Buddha sooth you so much? Or do you simply like the wise words of the teacher? Then Buddha jewelry is right for you. Here are some nice examples. We find the meaning of Buddha jewelry so beautiful! Photo: PR: Happinez content Buddha Ring Mala chain onyx aventurine Buddha Bracelet Buddha jewelry - what is that anyway


SteamerMore than hot air: with this steamer your clothes stay in shape

Have you already creamed your face today? Cleaned your teeth? And also the clothes maintained? Caught! Personal hygiene is a social obligation, but your clothes deserve some love as well. We love blouses! In between 'jerk-back' in shape we bring them with the help of our steamer Photo: iStock content Why do you need a steamer


Wallet The right wallet for every style: which type of purse are you?

It's a thing with wallets . They are the perfect accessory and yet we only carry around one in our handbag. So how about a new favorite part ? We'll help you find the right wallet for your style : An oversized wallet is a great accessory that will be an eye-catcher Photo: Getty Images Convenient with the leather wallet from Monday Market Cash keeps you more like the Scandinavians: less is more


For plus-size-bathing swimwear for chubby - that's what you

The holiday is booked and only the right swimwear for the beach is missing? Here are shopping and styling tips for plus-size women. Swimsuit and dress in one: bathing suit, about 60 euros, Ulla Popken Photo: Ulla Popken Stop the hiding! Even beyond size 38, we enjoy carefree hours on the beach and in the sun


A tankini for the beach: conceal your stomach easily

Tankini, about 40 euros, Ulla Popken Photo: Ulla Popken content Figurine wonder for round mermaids What is a tankini? Where does the word Tankini come from? Who are tankinis? Where can I buy a Tanikini? Which tankini stands for a big breast? Which tankini stands a big belly? Which tankini suits a small breast


Wedding wedding suit: tips for the groom when buying

The choice of wedding suit must be well thought out. Photo: iStock content Which suit can the bridegroom wear? Tailcoat, tuxedo or cut this is the question Noble materials for wedding suits The perfect fit The matching accessories for the wedding suit The typical colors The purchase of the wedding suit Alternatives to buying Normal 0 21 false false false EN X-NONE X-NONE Suit, tuxedo, cut or tails


ModeBirkenstock announces Amazon's cooperation - for this reason

Germany's largest shoe manufacturer Birkenstock has ended its cooperation with Amazon on 1 January 2018. The reason: trademark protection. Photo: iStock Already in the summer of 2016 Birkenstock ceased to supply Amazon in the USA. Now follows Europe and thus also Germany. The traditional manufacturer justifies its decision as follows: "On the Amazon platform in Europe, we had to detect further trademark infringements, " write according to information of Bild am Sonntag, the bosses Oliver Reichert and Markus Bensberg to their 3500 employees


City StyleCasual Chic in Dublin with Janina Who

On to the next round! Janina Who, together with the fashion and lifestyle magazine stylejourney, was back in Dublin for you. Photo: Miro Dick / style journey What she has experienced there and what fashionable discoveries she has made, you can see in the video. Did you like the first impression? Here you can learn more about Janina's Dublin trip


Knitting patternKnitting diaper cloth with crochet border

This triangular towel with a golden mottled apron enhances every autumn outfit. Here's how to easily knit it. Photo: Schachenmayr You need this: Merino Extrafine 85, 50 g ball Color 00226 (mottled gold) Hank 6 (Check the banderoles and use only balls of the same color lot. Material consumption may vary from person to person


Knitting patternWrapper jacket for babies knit

You need this: Photo: GU Verlag Virgin wool yarn (100% merino wool, 160 m / 50 g running length), per 100 g in petrol green and beige: Cool Wool by Lana Grossa Circular Needle No. 4 (length 40 cm) Knitting needles No. 4 Crochet Hook No. 4 Stitch wool needle 3 buttons, light blue, diameter 20 mm manual Stitch sample: Smooth right, Needle No


Knitting instructionsKnitting this long scarf for the winter

This extra long scarf in medium gray is a must-have for the winter. With this great guide you can easily knit it. Photo: Schachenmayr You need this: Approximately 36 cm wide and 200cm long From Milward knitting needles 12, 0 mm A woolen needle to sew the threads Schachenmayr Soft Mix, 25 g balls 45% polyamide, 30% alpaca and 25% pure new wool, running length 25 g = 113 m Color 00090 (medium gray) balls 11 Check the bands and use only balls of the same color lot


Knitting patternKnitting two-colored stole

This two-colored stole in mint and anthracite can be combined in many ways. Whether cozy at home or as a scarf for traveling. Here is the guide. Photo: GU-Verlag You need this: Virgin wool-alpaca blend (70% virgin wool, 30% alpaca, run length 140 m / 50 g): »Cool Wool Alpaca« by Lana Grossa, each approx.


Knitting patternWrap poncho knit

This gray wrap poncho not only looks cuddly but also keeps you warm. With this guide, you can finish it in no time. Photo: GU Verlag You need this: For Gr. 36/38 (40/42, 44/46): alpaca blend (70% alpaca, 30% polyamide, length 225 m / 50 g): »Garzato Fleece« by Lana Grossa, approx. 200 (200, 250) g in raw white / black Circular Needle No.


Knitting patternKnitting woolen hat

The cold days are approaching and you always wanted to knit a great woolen hat yourself? Then you will find the instructions here. Photo: weareknitters You need this: Sheep's wool 100% color honey, 2 knots Knitting needle 15 MM darning needle Knitting tension: Here is knit smooth right and frizzy


Knit knitting patternFilztasche

With this modern felt bag, purchases can be easily transported home. The knitting and felt instructions can be found here. Photo: Schachenmayr You need this: After felting: approx. 29 cm wide and 33 cm high from the middle of the ground, length of carrier approx. 28 cm Schachenmayr Wash + Felt-it! 200 g in Blanket Fb 00020 and Steel Fb 00021 50 g in Pink Fb 00011 80 cm long circular needles 8-9 Knitting tension: For smooth right before felting: about 10 M and 16 R / Rd = 10 x 10 cm


Crochet patternChicken cap with zigzag pattern

This hanger is in demand. With the beautiful berry tone, the cap fits perfectly into the autumnal landscape. Here you will find the instructions. Photo: Schachenmayr You need this: Cap circumference 54 cm 150 g in berry, Fb 07933 1 crochet hook 5 mm 1 embroidery needle Spiral Rd: When crocheting in Spiral Rd, crochet the stitches continuously without closing the round (Rd) with a slit stitch