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ModeBirkenstock announces Amazon's cooperation - for this reason

Germany's largest shoe manufacturer Birkenstock has ended its cooperation with Amazon on 1 January 2018. The reason: trademark protection.

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Already in the summer of 2016 Birkenstock ceased to supply Amazon in the USA. Now follows Europe and thus also Germany. The traditional manufacturer justifies its decision as follows: "On the Amazon platform in Europe, we had to detect further trademark infringements, " write according to information of Bild am Sonntag, the bosses Oliver Reichert and Markus Bensberg to their 3500 employees. " The world's largest online retailer is not interested in engaging in a trusting relationship and protecting our customers from misleading and deceiving, by our standards. "

Thus, there are more and more forgeries of their shoes, against which will not proceed. Nevertheless, other traders may sell Birkenstocks on Amazon. Only the shoe manufacturer, whose sandals triggered a fashion hype five years ago, will no longer be represented there. Other shoe models and bags will not exist anymore. Thus, the company dares a boycott against the global corporation, over which 42 percent of all online product sales in Germany.

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So Amazon responded to the allegations

The giant corporation did not want to comment on its "relationship with business partners" compared to the "BamS", but stressed that it does not tolerate counterfeit products. Birkenstock had repeatedly pointed Amazon to product copies. " But instead of putting an end to the criminal activities of brand and product pirates on the Marketplace, Amazon looks away or will only be active at our urging, " says Reichert and Bensberg. "Working with other online retailers, we know that it's technically and organizationally possible to put a stop to such violations - assuming the will is there."

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