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Jewelry with Meaning Buddha Bracelet: What's that gem?

Buddha Bracelets - the name reveals who this jewelery is dedicated to. The exact meaning and nice pieces of jewelry can be found here.

Did you know what the Buddha bracelet means exactly?
Photo: PR: Happinez

Before we go into the details, let's take a look at the Buddha bracelets . What a Buddha bracelet looks like, you can see here in two very different examples: a bracelet with a Buddha wisdom and a Mala bracelet with Buddha pendant.

Buddha bracelet with wisdom

Das bedeutet das Buddha-Armband und hier kannst du die schönsten kaufen
The Buddha bracelet is beautiful - the quote on it is even more beautiful
Photo: PR: Happinez

Beautiful simple this Buddha bracelet with its delicate, dark brown leather strap and its silver bezels. The highlight of the jewel is the round, silver amulet. This carries the wise words of Buddha: "LOVE in the past is only a memory. LOVE in the future is only a fantasy. TRUE LOVE just lives in the here and now. " Translated, that means: " LOVE in the past is just a memory. LOVE in the future is just a fantasy. TRUE LOVE just lives in the here and now. "

All facts at a glance:

  • 35 cm long and double wound leather bracelet
  • Sterling silver amulet, bezel and clasps

Here you will find the Buddha Armand with the quote

Buddha Mala
In this bracelet Buddha come together as a symbol and the function of the Mala
Photo: PR: Happinez

The Mala is traditionally a 108 bead prayer beads . Here you can see a variation of this traditional piece of jewelry. The bracelet is made of shiny and matt black onyx beads . The stone is to promote self-esteem and inner strength . The black beads were threaded onto a stretch band so that the bracelet fits any wearer . On the half of the bracelet hangs a golden Buddha amulet .

All facts at a glance:

  • Mala bracelet made of matt and shiny onyx beads
  • Buddha amulet in gilded sterling silver
  • stretch bracelet
  • Packaging: hand-sewn bags from Chiang Mai

Here you will find the Mala Bracelet

Buddha Bracelet - What is it?

The Buddha bracelet differs from other bracelets mainly in that Buddha appears at any point. Sometimes as a pendant, as well as in the form of single syllables, words or complete quotations. So the Buddha bracelet is not just a gem, but also a symbol . Maybe it should remind you of the meaning of life, the return to the really important things in life or about love? The teachings of Buddha can give many impulses.

Buddha and yoga

Buddhism and yoga are two completely independent teachings. In some areas, however, they overlap - for example, in terms of worldview. For example, yoga and Buddhism teach principles such as karma, non-violence, and letting go - just three of many commonalities. It is not uncommon for yogis to be Buddhists and Buddhists for yogis too, because they feel addressed by both teachings. Accordingly, you may already have seen Buddha figures in various yoga studios or, as here, you are offered Buddha bracelets in the assortment of yoga jewelery .

It does not always have to do with deep spirituality. Some people simply feel reassured by the lovingly smiling Buddha, others can identify with their words or find solace in them - for example using a Buddha bracelet as a small reminder. But you can give it your own meaning.