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Meaningful AccessoryThis means the tree of life chain

The tree of life is a much used symbol of yogis and non-yogis. But do you actually know what he stands for? Here are some nice examples of Tree of Life chains.

The tree of life is a powerful symbol and gets even more important as a chain
Photo: PR: Happinez

What does the tree of life chain mean?

The Tree of Life, Tree of Life or World Tree plays a role in many religions and teachings. As a symbol or myth motif he is sometimes associated with creation, fertility, genealogy and tree cults . He is equally connected with the earth via the roots as with the treetop with the sky. So he brings the underworld, heaven and earth together and stands as a symbol in the center of the world.

Do you want to hang a tree of life around your neck? We have two beautiful examples of a Tree of Life chain : one very detailed, the other mainly minimalist.

Detailed tree of life chain

Das bedeuten Baum-des-Lebens-Ketten und hier kannst du sie kaufen
You're more of a playful but still natural type? Then this Tree of Life necklace will probably suit you well
Photo: PR: Happinez

Attached to a noble sterling silver chain hangs a beautiful round pendant with a detailed tree of life. In addition to this powerful and confident symbol, designer Noomi van Gelder has applied a conical golden pendant symbolizing prosperity . On the other side of the Tree of Life hangs a turquoise howlite . It should help the wearer to ground himself and to keep calm .

All facts at a glance:

  • 50 cm long sterling silver chain, nickel free
  • large Tree of Life pendant in sterling silver
  • small, conical brass pendant with gold plating
  • blue howlite

Here you will find the detailed tree of life chain

Minimalist tree-of-life chain

Das bedeuten Baum-des-Lebens-Ketten und hier kannst du sie kaufen
Your motto is "less is more"? Then this minimalist tree-of-life necklace fits you perfectly
Photo: PR: Happinez

A tender silver favorite jewel is this beautiful, minimalist tree of life tree. The tree of life is here punched in a round pendant made of sterling silver and hangs on a bright, silver chain. A chain for every day.

All facts at a glance:

  • Sterling silver chain and pendant
  • Total length: 43 centimeters

Here's the minimalist tree of life necklace

Tree of Life: All facts about the symbol

The Tree of Life in Buddhism

As already mentioned: The Tree of Life is mentioned in various teachings and religions. In yoga, not only an asana (yoga exercise) is named after him (Vrksasana - the tree) - also the tree of life as a symbol plays a role as a combination of earth and sky and powerful strength . In Buddhism, the tree of life is called Bodhi tree . This refers to the tree under which Buddha found enlightenment . Here he is at the same time a symbol of immortality .

The tree of life in Christianity

In Christianity, the Tree of Life appears in the Old Testament next to the Tree of Knowledge . Adam and Eve were supposed to have eaten it - followed by exile from the Garden of Eden. If they had tasted the tree of life, they might still have lived forever . Even in paradise stands the tree of life, at least according to the New Testament.

The tree of life in Islam

The idea of ​​paradise is also taken up by Islam. Known there as Tubā, the tree of life also grows in paradise . As a symbol he means the proximity to God, but also stands as a world tree for the cosmic order .

Tree of Life Chain: What does the jewelry stand for?

If you now wear a chain with a tree of life around your neck, it stands for awakening as well as for strength and strength - in addition to any individual meaning that you may even attribute to it. Many people use the Tree of Life as a tool to ground themselves and practice in peace and serenity . Because whether you believe in it or not, such a large tree with roots reaching deep into the earth and a lush crown many meters above the ground already exalted and exudes calm, right? Just. As the tree of life also stands for a happy future, there are many reasons to choose this gem. Whatever matters is your personal feeling for this symbol.