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Knitting patternKnitting diaper cloth with crochet border

This triangular towel with a golden mottled apron enhances every autumn outfit. Here's how to easily knit it.

Photo: Schachenmayr

You need this:

  • Merino Extrafine 85, 50 g ball

Color 00226 (mottled gold) Hank 6
(Check the banderoles and use only balls of the same color lot. Material consumption may vary from person to person.)

  • From Milward knitting needles 7 mm and a crochet hook 4.5 mm
  • A woolen needle to sew the threads


The cloth is knitted with 7 mm needles to make it light and soft. Cast on 213 sts in Double Cross (see last page) and knit 1 st in left st. Continue to knit in a small pear pattern, removing 2 sts in each R at the R-end. Knit as follows:

1st row (front row): Work the left edge st, * 1 st on the right, 1 st on the left, repeat * sts until 4 sts before the end of st, knit 1 st on the right, knit 2 sts as on the right, the sts Knit right edge sts and pull off the lifted sts.

2nd row (back): Knit the left st, * 1 st in the right, 1 st in the left, repeat from * and work 4 sts in front of the R-st, knit 1 st on the right, knit 2 sts to the right, take off Knit right edge sts and pull off the lifted sts.
Repeat these two Rs.
After 105 R = approx. 43 cm cast off the last 3 sts.

Cast on 11 sts and work according to the crochet pattern and crochet the border for the first slant side, instead 52 R (= 1x the 1st to 6th R, 11x the 3rd to 6th round 1x the 3rd to 4th R) = approx Crochet 88 cm.
In the following 6th and 4th R (drawn in red in the crochet script) replace the double rods with solid Ms. This creates a slight curve, so that the border can better put around the top of the cloth. Crochet 50 R (= 1x the 5th and 6th R, 12 x the 3rd to the 6th R) = approx. 83 cm for the second slant side.
Finish the border with a 3rd and 4th R, replacing the double sticks in the 4th R with solid M = 52 R = approx. 88 cm.

Tip: Work the braid at first only 52 R to the top and crochet to the cloth, so that the length can be optimally adjusted if necessary.

Crochet the border: Crochet the diagonal sides of the cloth with firm sts, while crocheting the border (see green arrows in the crochet pattern) and crochet as follows: 1 sts in the edge of the fabric, * bind the chain, 3 sts in the following 3 edge sts Chop up the border, repeating 4 solid sts in the following 4 sts, ab * always repeat. At the top, chain the border with only 2 solid sts in between. Crochet the second oblique side in exactly the same way.

Click here for the crochet font.

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