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Wallet The right wallet for every style: which type of purse are you?

It's a thing with wallets . They are the perfect accessory and yet we only carry around one in our handbag. So how about a new favorite part ? We'll help you find the right wallet for your style :

An oversized wallet is a great accessory that will be an eye-catcher
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Convenient with the leather wallet from Monday Market

Cash keeps you more like the Scandinavians: less is more. You pay the most with plastic money, you must maximally accommodate your identity card and the credit card and are not synonymous otherwise too much frills . Perfect for you is a leather wallet from Monday Market . It has two card slots to hold your vital papers. Of course, there is also a small compartment for coins and bills for safety's sake. You can close the purse with a rubber band - very handy. Just like you!


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Luxurious with Elly Pistols wallet

It can not be noble enough for you - with your new shoes you want to combine luxurious parts, which you are guaranteed to envy. And since the change is a bit more relaxed for you, of course you need a wallet with style - and plenty of space for all your credit cards, bills and other valuables. We recommend the black " Wallet Rich " from the Swedish label Elly Pistol . Made of faux leather, gold-plated zipper and noble red inner fabric, it is the perfect complement to your outfit.


The right wallet for every guy
Always in use: We use our wallet several times a day. All the better, if we like this accessory very much!
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Naturalness with the Wallet by BeWooden

Your favorite thing is to spend your holidays in the open air, gardening is your religion and actually you want to quit your job to save the world. When buying clothes you are therefore primarily to sustainable materials and natural tones - and this should also be reflected in your accessories . The trendy wallet Nox Virilha by BeWooden is a must-have for every nature lover. It is small, handy and can hold up to nine cards and coins . The processed walnut and beech wood is also environmentally friendly and emphasizes the natural look . This wallet "make (s) you feel like a natural woman" ...


The right wallet for every guy
A cognac leather wallet. An ideal accessory for women who love the natural look
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Classic with the Blankens wallet

You like to concentrate on the essential and love structure . You do not need unnecessary decorations, monochrome classics and clear cuts dominate your wardrobe - it should be simple and simple. And you expect that from your purse as well: With Blankens' black wallet you can not go wrong. Although it's not that big, it has enough compartments to stow all your possessions. The fact that it is very clever, you have space for cards on the sides and a compartment for coins inside. And thanks to the zipper, nothing falls out. Classic!


Extravagant with Rosa Stern's wallet

Pink, pink, pink are all your clothes. And maybe soon your wallet . You love life, are a true Frohnatur and underline like that with extravagant accessories . No color is too bright for you, no pattern too funky - the model "Banyen" by ROSA STERN is the perfect complement to your personality. The wallet made of high-quality pink python leather on the outside and lamb leather on the inside offers enough space for all your membership cards, souvenir snippets, cash and is nevertheless not clumsy . Perfect for you, if you like to notice!

WUNDERWEIB-pink star-wallet

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