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SteamerMore than hot air: with this steamer your clothes stay in shape

Have you already creamed your face today? Cleaned your teeth? And also the clothes maintained? Caught! Personal hygiene is a social obligation, but your clothes deserve some love as well.

We love blouses! In between 'jerk-back' in shape we bring them with the help of our steamer
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  1. Why do you need a steamer?
  2. A steamer for all fabrics
  3. The right steamer care
  4. The steamer on the go: Cirrus no. 2
  5. The right clothes for your steamer

With the stylish steamer of the Swedish label The Steamery, you'll get rid of wrinkles in your blouse quickly and easily, and even the favorite part, which is not allowed to see an iron, you get smooth. We have three different models of steamer that will remove wrinkles from your textiles in no time at all .


Why do you need a steamer?

With a steamer - so steam smoother - you can remove your clothes quickly and easily from wrinkles and annoying odors - all without iron and washing machine . Normally, you would probably be able to carry your clothes directly into the laundry basket after wearing them, even though they may not be dirty once they have been put on. But especially through frequent washing clothes lose shape and color.

With this steamer your clothes stay in shape - without ironing

Quite easy in shape again - thanks to a steamer, the favorite cashmere sweater is quickly smooth again.

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A steamer for all fabrics

And best of all, with the steamer you can treat all materials - even sensitive fabrics such as silk or cashmere, which would otherwise be a case for cleaning, are quickly wrinkled away at home . Practically, even without unwanted wrinkles and burn marks, which one otherwise likes to thank the iron - and lack of talent in ironing. With a steamer you can now save your favorite part from unnecessary washes and steam it just right . In no time you have a fresh-smelling garment that does not look completely crumpled.

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The right steamer care

Incidentally, your official attire will get a little extra freshness if you add some care to the water. "Pure Effect" was developed by The Steamery and contains bacterial cultures that completely eliminate any unpleasant odor . Even your musty sneakers you get so "fragrance-free" again. Here you can buy the care:


The steamer on the go: Cirrus no. 2

After you have finally get back into the closet with the home steamer, there's another little challenge waiting for you: travel . After ten minutes in a suitcase you have the dilemma. Blouses and dresses look like they were once turned by the meat grinder. With the cruise boat Cirrus No. 2 you can also steamen on the go . So you do not have to show up with crumpled dress in the posh 5-star restaurant or attract attention on a business trip with a pleated blouse. By the way: Since the steamer is so light (500 grams) and handy, it even fits in the hand luggage .

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The right clothes for your steamer

Now you have already decided on a steamer, but you have no favorite dress? No problem, we have put together a small selection for you, with which you will definitely stay in the trend - provided you wrinkle your dress properly before:


How does the steamer work?

The steamer has a water tank. The water in it is heated and pressed in condensed state of aggregation - ie as steam - with pressure on your clothes. As a result, the individual fibers of the fabric are softened, brought back into their original form and so wrinkled . As the steam of the steamer gets hot until just under 100 degrees, even bacteria that have settled in the textiles can be removed.

Incidentally, your steamer itself needs a bit of care now and then. Here's how easy you can decalcify it :