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Albert & Charlène: Red Cross without Babylust

Charlène and Albert at the Red Cross Ball 2013.
Photo: WireImage

Sometimes like this; sometimes like that

Red Cross ball in Monte Carlo with elegance, chic and charm. In the focus of interest as always very clear: Monacos Prince Albert (55) & Charlène (35) . How the two gave themselves on the glamorous evening in the posh Sporting Club, however, was rated quite differently in the media.

While Germany's largest tabloid writes on the Internet that the guests of the Red Cross ball were delighted in 2013 and the Princess was completely moved by bliss, the echo in other newspapers was more subdued. Once again there was a lack of "closeness" between Albert and Charlène, that is, a routine duo, but none in a baby-mood mood.

To shed light on the darkness around Albert and Charlène, followed a call to a Munich society lady, who was up close as placed in the star room near the dance floor: "They were quite normal, " they said. "Time and time ... as always."

An observation that does not help much, but perhaps allows the conclusion: a lot of glamor, prominent stars (including Eros Ramazzotti), but nothing exciting and certainly nothing exciting.